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What are Professional Employer Organizations?
A PEO is more than just payroll and health insurance - it's a perfect package for your employment needs. More...
How Can I Benefit?
You can save money and make your employees happy - at the same time. More...
What does the Relationship with a PEO look like?
Learn more about the power of co-employment. More...
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Let multiple PEOs compete over you. More...

Welcome to PEO

This web site is focused on providing general information about Professional Employer Organizations. If you are getting ready to hire a PEO and you need some final questions answered or if you are simply trying to determine if a PEO will be a good fit for your company or organization, you have come to the right place.

Your association and long-term relationship with your workforce is one of your company's most important guarantees to stability and profitability. Hiring employees, offering them the job benefits they are expecting, understanding the pros and cons of which fringe benefits you can entice and retain them with, saving on worker's comp and health insurance and, most importantly, covering your liability in case of a law suit brought forth by an ex-employee.

Creating the right foundation for you organization is much more than just supplying your workers with a desk and a computer or a uniform to wear. It is focusing on human resources needs and meeting them with the background and experience only an experienced HR staff can offer you. If you employ a staff but you don't have a human resource department, hiring a professional employer organization is a great solution.

About Professional
Employer Organizations

A Professional Employer Organization provides the perfect human resources outsourcing solution to your company: your employees will receive superior benefits and support services, while offloading much of the administrative paperwork. Learn more about professional employer organizations...

Benefits for
your Company

Take advantage of the direct staff benefits: you'll be able to attract and retain valuable employees, you'll have guidance through the minefield of governmental regulations -- and don't forget the simple fact that, at the end of the day, you will save money and time by focusing on doing more business instead of more paperwork. More about the benefit for your company and employees ...

The Relationship
with a PEO

A PEO is also called a co-employer, which means that your company's employees are actually employed by two employers in a contractual relationship. The PEO shares your employer responsibilities and liabilities, human resource and personnel obligations of the work site employees and employer regulatory compliances. More about the relationship with a PEO...

If you are looking for more specific information on Professional Employer Organizations, such as options available to you or pricing levels for your company size, please feel free to fill out our questionnaire. We will make sure your questions are answered promptly.



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